• Review Monitoring

    Email notifications to reduce your daily work load

    Daily Emails about Reviews

    Directly to your inbox

    • New reviews
    • Changed reviews
    • Deleted reviews

    Advanced Email Setting

    Improve your processes

    • Up to 5 different receivers
    • Differentiate receiver by marketplace
    • Filter by star rating
  • Review Management

    Organize your team and workflow for better customer support

    Individual Workflow

    Professionalize your Amazon business

    • Made for teams
    • Assign responsibilities
    • Status labels
    • Differentiate countries

    Review Analytics

    Spreadsheet export for your review data

    • Pooling of current and historical reviews
    • Search and filter options
    • Track review development
  • Suitable from Start-Up to Corporate

    For Brands and Vendors

    Monitor product and brand image

    Regain control over your brand and reputation. Establish a process to actively manage reviews and product feedback among countries and ratings. Use our data export to analyze review data on country, product and time basis. Speak to us for advanced consulting on review analytics. Use our custom plans for brands and manufacturers with high SKU volumes.

    For Amazon Sellers

    Quickly react on new reviews

    You still check your listings manually every day? Save time and improve your FBA business by automatic review monitoring. We will notify you daily about new, changed and deleted reviews for your products. We need no access to your seller account - just add your ASINs!

  • Pricing

    Cost efficient plans from small brands to large portfolios


    $12/ Month


    50 ASINs


    Review Notification


    Available for Amazon.de .com


    $30/ Month


    500 ASINs


    Review Notification


    Review Management


    Available for Amazon.de .co.uk .com .fr .ca .it .es .jp


    $60/ Month


    3000 ASINs


    Review Notification


    Review Management


    Available for Amazon.de .co.uk .com .fr .ca .it .es .jp


    On Request

    From 3000 ASINs


    Review Notification


    Review Management


    Individual Marketplaces

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