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Top 10 funniest Amazon Reviews in 2023

The funniest Amazon Reviews in 2022. Customer feedback that makes you laugh or cry.

How to Increase Online Sales by Using Customer Humour?

Amazon reviews are beneficial to your company. It provides you with a unique opportunity to hear straight from the client. You have a fantastic opportunity to learn from a lousy service and prepare for the probable next one. The influence of positive Amazon reviews boosts sales and earnings. Then there are the bizarre or funny Amazon reviews. Most likely, you saw a meme at work. You are lucky if you noticed it on one of your products. Regardless of whether the customer has good intentions and leaves a jest or amusing quip in the review, it still impacts the traffic in the same way as a genuine five-star rating. However, think about making lemonade out of your situation instead of fighting back and attempting to remove the review.

The Benefits of Funny Product Reviews for Your Amazon Store

Managing seller comments and product reviews may be a tedious game. So, besides some good old-fashioned humor to break up the boredom, what could be better? A smile here and there will keep you sane on a personal level. Having funny Amazon reviews can benefit you professionally. Most customers enjoy a compelling narrative when choosing a good product or service. Most of those customers want to laugh, especially before entering their credit card information.

Additionally, the amusing Amazon review presents a unique chance for you to sales to new customers. Including a link that directs visitors to the Amazon listing is acceptable if your website features your products, but you should be cautious with how you phrase your call to action. It is entirely okay to simply remark, "See what our customers have to say on Amazon!" and include a link to the listing's reviews. There are no restrictions on how you can profit from a humorous product review.

Let us look at 10 hilarious Amazon reviews in 2022 that help your business get the rightamount of attention.

TOP 10 Funniest Amazon Reviews

1. Check out the hilarious Pen Review           

This Amazon reviewer probably typed her letter, though it is unlikely that writing it out by hand would have made a difference. The fact that this evaluation was helpful to over 3,000 people is what makes this situation extremely intriguing. Reviewing the comments reveals that the majority of them are amusing.

2.     Enjoyable Durability

This Amazon review was helpful to 1656 people, but we do not recommend trying it at home. Social media must have a market for this product. When addressing your audiences online, polarise your messaging. One approach is to create some humorous social advertising with highly targeted audiences, saying, "You and your spouse will have a lot of fun." Amazon rewards visitors from outside your listing!

3. Find yourself in a Pickle?

This evaluation pertains to a binder that can accommodate 500 sheets. However, this reviewer's praise sounds like it belongs in The Handmaid's Tale. More than 6,000 other clients concur. Include polarising language in the product information.

4. Facebook in your Car

Most of these amusing Amazon reviews result from bad grammar, poor writing abilities, and misguided attempts to portray enthusiasm. Others, however, are undoubtedly being deliberately snarky. A review on Amazon for a worktop that connects to a steering wheel is a good example. No one imagines that someone would use it while driving, even though it puts itself subject to ridicule. it received over26,000 positive remarks. Over 26,000 people have commented on this review, which is a lot. For genuinely engaging with your customers, include a little review in the listing, descriptions, or bullet points.

5. Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street, directed by Martin Scorsese, was a massive hit with reviewers and viewers alike. Leonardo DiCaprio superbly portrayed the former stockbroker on whom the movie is based, Jordan Belfort. Of course, not everybody was pleased, and this reviewer was taken aback by the absence of real wolves in the movie. It is just bad luck in this case. Moreover, if this is Rick James, you'd think he would have given a higher rating after all of his appearances on Chappelle's Show, particularly after many of them. Being a member of Brand Registry will enable you to use Amazon's template messaging to provide either a replacement item or a courteous refund in this situation.

6. A well-fitted Mask

The Accoutrements Horse Head Mask on Amazon has gotten overwhelmingly good ratings for how lifelike it is. To the point where one critic has forgotten what it means to be a person. This humorous review was beneficial to more than 3,000 prospective clients. In a bullet point, provide a hilarious caution such as,"WARNING: This mask is so lifelike that horses will accept you as one of their own in 90 days."

7.     Check the “WOKE” on this review

“How to Avoid Huge Ships” is a book by Captain John W. Trimmer that was published in 1993. Those who sail by sea undoubtedly find this information beneficial. However, this review presents another viewpoint on the subject. Even when it'sa clear joke these days, attempting to be politically sensitive can be challenging. You can try using some excellent one-liners in your advertisingcontent for external channels.

8. A Mystery Novel

KarenKatz is the author and illustrator of "Where is Baby's Belly Button?"The children's lift-the-flap book cover has a charming toddler raising his shirt to reveal his belly button. This cover image, according to one reviewer, had a terrible defect. It appears that the fruit PacMan consumed makes him cranky in his advanced age. Over 1,000 consumers found the review useful. However, we seriously doubt anybody will take it seriously. Your customer will smile if you include a few reminders and caveats in the product details that this isn't the next Sherlock book.

9. Don’t Laugh Please

The Portable Pizza Pouch" could initially appear to be a novelty item. Even the title of the item makes clear that it is a joke present. After all, it's absurd to think that someone would ever wear a pizza slice around their neck for any reason other than humor. One client described their story of survival to us. What a possibility! This "joke gift" is a life-saving item.Talk about that everywhere. And suppose you run a business selling comparable goods. In that case, you might want to set up a delivery schedule, engage in a few automated email campaigns with clients who share similar interests, and push for some favorable seller feedback.

10. A Happy Customer

Many hilarious Amazon reviews are one or two paragraphs long, playing with a ridiculous idea or making up an absurd tale just for laughs. However, this customer found a way to make us smile with just four words in an unexpected place—the review section of a steel coffin from the Titan Casket Orion Series.

Final Words: What to Do When a Client writes a Funny Review

Here are two short suggestions on how to respond to a bizarre or funny Amazon review, even if it is unfavorable.

1. Laugh and Learn

First things first: do not lash out or show your anger. Take a break if necessary. The worst thing you could do if you feel a little rattled or uneasy is lash out. It is okay if you do not know what to do! Try not to be bothered by it. Instead, consider how you might stop the subsequent potential bad review. Learn from your mistakes. You can also read our tutorial how you handle negative Feedback on Amazon.

2. Encourage more product evaluations

Unfortunately, receiving unfavorable reviews is an inevitable aspect of doing trade on Amazon. You will sporadically get some unfavorable comments, whether it's a sincere complaint, a buyer mistake, or a joke from a consumer. Reviews on products area of number games. A product category with only four reviews overall might be destroyed by one negative review. It is essentially irrelevant if there are 40 favorable reviews next to the same negative one. If you need to receive more reviews read about Review Management.

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