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Amazon Automation: Complete Guide 2022 for Amazon Sellers

In this guide, we explain how FBA and eCommerce Sellers can automate manual tasks on Amazon, Walmart and other marketplaces.

Amazon automation refers to a set of steps and tools continuously carrying out a few common business actions and workflows. Chatbots, demand forecasting, order management, and fulfillment area few possibilities.

Roughly two-thirds of the industry leaders surveyed by McKinsey are experimenting with automation in more than one business division or function.

Similar to how robots' automated assembly lines work on shop-floors, Amazon automation streamlines any niche business operations to increase efficiency. Consequently, it boosts profitability. Also, it makes your business operations user-friendly. However, robots are not always required for Amazon automation. Here is an video of Amazon current developments with respect to use robots in the warehouse.

This is why Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) is seen as a superior automation process. This process, as a matter of course, helps you oversee inventory management, product packing, and shipment. So, taking the first stride toward Amazon automation is to get registered as anFBA seller. However, that might not be your ultimate or even only step.

Table of Contents:

- What does Amazon automation mean?

- What are the benefits of Amazon automation for Amazon sellers?

- What exactly is an Amazon automation store?

- How to start with Amazon automation?

- What are the best software tools for Amazon Automation?

What does Amazon automation mean?

Order fulfillment is one of the repetitive operations handled by Amazon automation. Although "automation" generally signifies a robot or piece of software, it's not always the case. Another definition of automation is a platform that executes these tasks on your behalf.

It is where things start to get a bit confusing. Amazon automation is an "expanded term" that refers to numerous concepts, which include:

1. Amazon FBA: You plan to ship finished goods to Amazon fulfillment centers, which conduct inventory management, refunds, and packing anddelivering client orders.

2. Third-Party Fulfillment: It might be separate company that are not affiliated with Amazon that handle fulfillment or those third parties that administer your Amazon FBA business operations. It includes maintaining your Amazon storefront and brand listings. You may term it as Amazon automation stores.

3. Third-Party Software Applications: These tools help automatea multitude of Amazon tasks, including Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, accountancy, and the creation of email campaigns as well as review management.

What are the benefits of Amazon automation for Amazon sellers?

Most Amazon sellers are independent business owners with little human resource strength and staffing levels. With Amazon automation, you can focus on expanding your business instead of spending funds and time on routine business activities.

However, there isn't a universally applicable automated Amazon approach. For startups and Amazon sellers, FBA is a better substitute because it eliminates a major part of the"legwork" associated with launching a brand. Be aware that you cannot sell all products using FBA and that some products must fulfill specific barriers. Amazon FBA can also help you frame yourself better with prospective consumers. To cite an example, being an FBA seller, your products qualify for free 2-day shipping in the prime slot and grant you the reputation of are liable source on Amazon, which can influence a customer's choice to purchase. Research showed that Prime products have a conversion rate of 74%.

But you need to bear in mind that Amazon FBA isn't cost-free. A range of added fees, such as those for managing returns, bulky items, and long-term inventory storage, are supplementary to fulfillment and storage charges. Further, FBA automation only begins once they receive the inventory; you still need to label and distribute manufactured goods to the appropriate warehouses correctly. You may find it challenging to ship thousands of in-house products.

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies may be a preference in some circumstances, especially if you need direct access to your stored goods for any reason. Besides, it is occasionally the preferable choice for high-volume dealers with high-profit margin-driven products and brand identification that isn't entirely reliant on being an Amazon seller.

What exactly is an Amazon automation store?

Hiring a person or firm to manage your Amazon FBA business is known as the Amazon automation store. It is the third option for Amazon automation.

An Amazon automated store provides multiple turnkey services beyond fulfillment, such as listings optimization, shipment tracking, and inventory management to establish and administer your Amazon business. In essence, you appoint a team of professionals to manage, grow, and maybe prepare your startup for the ultimate goal, i.e., sale. pricing, logistics, or marketing are no more your concerns.

To achieve this goal you have to invest your own money and resource to come to this point.

Is Amazon automation forbidden or penalized?

The short answer is no. Amazon has a lot of guidelines and if you stick to the guidelines you can use Third Parties or Software to automate your Amazon business.

You need to be careful if you're considering opening an Amazon automation store. It is in spite of the fact that Amazon FBA and reputable 3PL providers are undoubtedly not running scams. Be cautious of people who demand an excessively high startup charge or a large chunk of your profits, mainly if they are operating the business invariably on your investment by utilizing a sizeable sum of money to buy stock.

As you can expect, there are lots of online debate on both aspects of this criterion. Our only piece of advice is to engage in caveat emptor if you're considering opening an Amazon automated store.

Here are some numbers for Fullfillment by Amazon costs for a small Package and 3PL in the US and Germany:

Although results may vary from time to time and volume of sales. 

How to start with Amazon automation?

There are a lot of different methods you may employ to boost your level of automation.

Here your find the most important steps to start with Amazon automation.

1. Logistics and Fulfillment

Understand how Amazon FBA and 3PL works and decide how you want to process your logistics. Amazon provides great content on how to start your FBA business.

2. Content Generation

Understand how to generate great content for your product lisitings. Can it be automated with AI software or copywriters? Hire copywriters and photographers to build product listings for you. You may check for full service or marketing agencies.

3. Lead Generation:

What are my best channels? Can they be automated or need manual adjustments? Hire marketing agency to optimize your lead channels and your PPC bids or use bidding software for your best performing channel.

4. Inventory Management:

When do I need to order new stocks? Utilize inventory management software to make an educated guess as to how many and when to order.

5. Accounting:

What processes have to be done every day, week and month. What can i automate? To automate your finances, use accounting software or tools like Zapier.

What are the best software tools for Amazon Automation?

Whether handled by FBA or a 3PL, order fulfillment is one key element of your company and Amazon automation. Additionally, there are exist a lot of software tools that can automate processes of your business.

Several software applications perform all of the following tasks or some variations of them:

Keyword Research and PPC management tools

To rank your products above rival listings requires keyword research and testing. These software programs control PPC bids on Amazon to ensure that advertising and marketing receive the highest visibility at the lowest cost. Famous tools for Amazon PPC optimization are Metoda, Helium10 and Junglescout. If you are generating leads from Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok your need tools like

Protection of brands

Tools for product monitoring shield your listings from various threats, including attackers, buy box removal, price adjustments, listing modifications, and many more. Famous examples are Pixray and Redpoints.

Bookkeeping and Accounting:

Accounting software is a pre-requisite for anywell-run firm unless you genuinely enjoy glancing at a spreadsheet. Bookkeeping and accounting have a very high potential for automation, since the tasks in this area are very repetitive. Famous examples for Amazon Sellers are Xentral and Shopkeeper.

Management of customer reviews and feedback

Amazon sellers may efficiently manage the review process by creating distinctive seller feedback campaigns with suitable automated review technology. Bad reviews can hurt your sales and brand reputation. Amazon Review Monitoring and Review Management has high potential for automation with software especially when you sell on different marketplaces such as Walmart, Shopify and Target.. Famous example is Reviewsender.

Inventory Control

You still need to be aware of when inventory levels are insufficient and when you have to place a reorder, even if Amazon FBA manages and maintains your stock and supply. Using inventory management software spares you from having to constantly check your Amazon statistics. Famous examples for Amazon Sellers are Xentral and Shopkeeper.

Email campaigns and Newsletters

Making sure that the emails reach the intended recipients and monitoring which emails are more productive than others are just as critical as composing the emails. Emails and Newsletter are key drivers for sales, especially because they increase the customer lifetime value. Famous examples for Amazon Sellers are Mailjet and Hubspot.

Customer Service and chatbots

A chatbot, sometimes referred to asa virtual agent or virtual operator, is a type of software robot that is similar to the conventional screen- and dashboard-based software mechanism. Chatbots are pre-programmed computer software that can answer some common questions, like "Does your item have an in-built off/on button?" It may accompany proper dialogue that resembles human discussions. Some of the most advanced chatbots get to understand client questions and trigger relevant responses. They can have impact on your customer service operation. Famous chatbot and customer service software for Amazon Seller are Zendesk and Freshdesk.

Amazon Seller Central Automation

Amazon Seller Central is the Operating System to manage your Amazon FBA Business. Amazon Seller Central provides an API to automate processes for Sellers. Advanced users can use either the new Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) or the old Amazon Marketplace Web Service to see sales and inventory automatically. Here is a link to documentation for the Amazon Seller Central API and some examples in Python.

Reviewsender: Amazon Automation Tool for Reviews

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