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Analyze your Amazon product reviews in Microsoft Excel with Reviewsender.

Amazon Reviews and Questions in Microsoft Excel

Our integration with Microsoft Excel allows you to store automatically reviews from your Amazon marketplace in Excel.


  • Amazon Reviews in Microsoft Excel
  • Amazon Questions in Microsoft Excel
  • Filter the reviews before posting them to Excel

With our Zapier integration you can easily analyze with Excel and automate your review management on Amazon.

Many teams rely on Excel as their favorite tool. For eCommerce and D2C brands it is crucial to understand their customer. Reviewsender allows you to store automatically your reviews in Microsoft Excel in order to track your problems on Amazon.

Bad and negative reviews can destroy your product sales at Amazon. Get instant review notifications in Excel in order to fix the problem with the customer.

Amazon Reviews in Excel

Receive automatically new reviews for your or your competitor's products and store them to Microsoft Excel. Boost your product development by analyzing all your Amazon reviews with Microsoft Excel.

Amazon Questions in Excel

Receive automatically new reviews for your or your competitor products and send them to channels in Microsoft Excel

Filtering Reviews before saving

You can also decided which Reviews you want to send to Microsoft Excel. Understand what bothers your customers. Good reviews can boost your teams motivation and performance. You can decide how your reviews should be integrated in your company.

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