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“Plantura the leading D2C gardening brand uses Reviewsender for improving customer expierence.”

Felix Lill
D2C Brand
Nov 17, 2022

Amazon Review Management for D2C brands

Plantura is one of the leading D2C brands in Europe.

Since the foundation of Plantura in 2017, our idea has grown into a young, sustainable company that is growing healthy and vibrant. In our office in the heart of Munich, our team works together from a wide range of disciplines to develop sustainable products, inspiring content and helpful instructions for you. Plantura wants to make gardening accessible to all - and as sustainable and fun as possible.


  • Handling negative customer feedback
  • Competitor analysis for product launch

Handling negative customer Feedback

For the Founder Felix Lill it is crucial to have a good process of dealing with negative Feedback on Amazon. From his point of view a negative review has high impact on the customer decision to buy a product or not. Since the latest updates of Amazon Search Engine algorithms the signals of buyers and negative reviews play an important role. Therefore there is a team at Plantura, that tries to resolve all negative reviews by sending new products to the customer.

As a result many negative reviews can be resolved to enable high performance sales.

"We try our best handle all negative reviews to ensure high volume sales."

Competitor analysis for product launch

A critical phase for a D2C brand is a new product launch. Before launching a new product Felix Lill and the product team at Plantura research competitor products and analyse their reviews. As a matter of fact, many product development improvement have been implemented due to feedback of competitor products.

As a result newly launched products avoid common problems of competitors and therefore lead to higher sales.

"Before we launch new products we analyse our competitors and learn from their mistakes."

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Patrick Christ
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