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“Wiesemann1893 is one of the leading D2C brands for tools.”

Manuel Siskowski
D2C Brand
Nov 17, 2022

Amazon Review Monitoring for D2C brands

Wiesemann1893 is one of the leading D2C brands.

WIESEMANN 1893 is the digital brand for a new generation of doers. For people like you. We call them Creators of Tomorrow.

We produce our tools for everyone who wants to make a difference. We are aware that our products are only ever a means to an end. And that's a good thing - because it's all about doing. About repairing, screwing, building and creating. About having a good time!


  • Amazon reviews as management framework
  • Competitor analysis for product launch

Amazon reviews as management framework

For Manuel Siskowski it is important to understand the customer problems and act to them immediately. As a daily routine he checks all incoming reviews in order to asses his companies healthiness. Problems in his companies processes can therefore easily be detected and forwarded the customer success and support team.

As a result many negative reviews can be resolved to enable high performance sales.

"I check daily all incoming reviews to understand my business and customers.

Review monitoring for product launch

A critical phase for Wiesemann is a product launch in a new marketplace. After launching Manuel and his team try to avoid and resolve all negative reviews for this new product launch. Especially when products have less than 50 reviews a single negative review can destroy sales forever. Wiesemann has an own team that checks every incoming review and tries to deliver the best possible customer service.

As a result newly launched products have good reviews and therefore lead to higher sales.

"For a new product start good reviews are mission critical."

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Patrick Christ
Verified writer
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